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Emergency Phones

At, we carry one of the largest assortments of emergency telephones. Our emergency phone department includes phones for general emergency and security lines, 911 phones, 911 only phones, automatic dial 911 telephones, swimming pool emergency phones and elevator phones as well as elevator emergency phones. offers many inexpensive emergency phones as well. Depending on the location and application of your phones Five Star Phones offers corded emergency phones or hands free emergency speakerphones. Typically emergency phones can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and are offered with various options such as weatherproof enclosures or armored handset cords to stand up to public use. Popular applications may include campus phones, parking garage phones, and emergency swimming pool phones. We have many different solutions for your ADA emergency telephone needs as well and the always popular red emergency phone. The auto-dial emergency phones or dial-less emergency phones, a phone that auto dials a pre-programmed number upon the user lifting the handset are some of the most popular types of emergency telephones we offer. An emergency auto dial phone automatically dials the pre-programmed number in the event of an emergency and reduces user error during an emergency. Some of our most popular brands include Viking emergency phones and emergency telephones by Asimitel, which represent outdoor, tough emergency phone solutions and indoor cost effective emergency phones. Choose from FiveStar’s variety of manufacturers and emergency phone models to suit your organization’s needs. View Emergency Phone Department

Hotline Phones

Specialty phones such as hot line telephones are always in high demand and often needed right away to complete a time sensitive project. With one of the web’s most vast selection of courtesy phones, hot-line phones, no dial phones, ring down phones, dial-less phones, blank dial phones, automatic dialing phones and auto dialer telephones there’s always a hot line phone at FiveStar for you particular application. Often referred to as hot dialers, auto dialers, no-dial phones or even ring-down telephones you’ll find we carry the three main types of hotline phone: no-dial (a dial-less phone to be connected to a ring down circuit, or external dialer), auto-dial (a phone unit that the user activates to dial a pre-programmed number) and push button hotline phones. Courtesy phones also fall under hotline phones and may be used for lobby areas, retail stores, hotels, kiosks & point of sale/point of purchase lines, catalog phones, etc. Our hotline telephones, from various brands, are available in desk or wall mount versions and we offer, on select models, the ability to customize your options. Hotline phones from are available for all environments and come in outdoor and indoor versions, standard duty and heavy duty as well. Look no further for hot line, courtesy and dial-less phones. View Hotline Phone Department

Custom Phones is proud to offer custom phones. We carry the full line of Asimitel brand phones that are customizable. These custom 2500 & 2554 custom phones suit a wide range of commercial applications. The customizable telephones come in desk or wall versions. To create a custom phone, simply start by choosing the base model desired then add on any features and options until you reach your fully customized phone. Available options include dial & keypad options, handset options, custom handset cord length, custom line cord lengths, armored or coiled handset cord, an array of colors and hard to find phone features. Custom phones are available in all different application type form general purpose business phones to custom emergency phones and custom hotline phones as well as custom vandal resistant phones all from View Custom Phone Info Page  |  View Custom Phone Models

Telephone Headsets

For a productive working environment we all know a telephone headset can be a welcomed asset. offers a variety of office headsets and telephone headsets including corded headsets, wireless headsets & cordless headsets for your everyday or business use. A wireless office headset provides more flexibility for your day to day business applications, allowing the headset user to roam and be free of wires that traditional corded headsets posses. also provides corded headsets for business or everyday use as well. Corded office headsets provide the hands-free convenience for your office use with the reliability of a telephone handset. We are also proud to provide blue tooth headsets compatible with cell phones or business phones as well. View Headset Department

Single Line Phones is a leading provider of single line corded phones. When FiveStarPhones began we debuted our site offering the single-line 2500 & 2554 phones. We are experts in the 2500 style analog desk phone as well as the 2554 style wall phone. The 2500 phone and 2554 phone are classic styled phones used for a variety of business applications due to their reliability and stability. also offers the 2500 desk phone refurbished. Our analog 2500 telephone and 2554 telephone come in many different configurations depending on your application. The versatile 2500 phone set & 2554 phone set, also known as it’s original name designation the ITT 2500 or ITT 2554 phone, has endured years of service and can be found in use in millions of locations worldwide. We also carry the vandal resistant version of the 2500 and the 2554. Whether you are seeking corded analog telephones or cordless analog telephones, we are able to provide solutions for all of your business analog phone needs. View Single Line Phone Department

Conferencing Phones offers conference phones that provide crystal clear speakerphone conference conversations for those important client phone calls. We offer a wide range of conference telephones that will suit the needs of large or small spaces. A conference room phone is basically a speakerphone on steroids. While businesses look to save and cut costs teleconferencing becomes a more appealing option. Typically dedicated to a conference room table the conference speaker phones we offer allow users to carry out meetings with multiple persons and receive clear conversations between individuals. FiveStarPhones offers corded conference phones and wireless conference phones (or sometimes called cordless conference phones) for all different budgets. Polycom conference phones are among the dominant brands, FiveStar features Polycom and others. View Conference Phone Department

Phones for Special Industry

We are proud to carry specialty phones such as patient room phones for the healthcare industry and guest room phones for the hospitality industry. Patient phones are available in single use (disposable patient room phones) and permanent use. These patient-room telephones are available in one piece and two piece configurations to match any hospital need. Hospital phones cater to the patients needs by allowing the patient a specially designed phone for easy and simple access to communication at their bedside. FiveStarPhones features patient phones by many brands including Med-Pat. Hotel phones and motel phones also known as hospitality phones are available in many different configurations depending on the property and guest clientele. We offer single line guest room phones, multi-line guest room phones and cordless guest room, hotel/motel phones. Options may include message waiting, volume control handsets, varied guest service keys, customizable faceplates, speakerphone, cordless models and much more. Fivestar features brands of hotel phones by Telematrix, Premier, and Teledex. Most hotel telephones offer multiple guest service buttons that may be pre-programmed or convenient guest services. For patient room phones or guestroom phones look no further than FiveStar. View Patient Room Phones  |  View Guestroom Phones

Weatherproof Phones & Outdoor Phones

Here at FiveStar we provide a large variety of weather-proof telephones and weather resistant telephones. Weatherproof phones are especially useful for businesses, apartment complexes, and hotels. carries weatherproof telephone enclosures that house and protect a separately purchased phone. These weatherproof phone enclosures are available in both metal and reinforced plastic, phone enclosures or telephone boxes are a cost effective solution for protecting an existing phone or a traditional corded wall phone. Phones enclosures are designed to stand up to wet, dirty, or harsh weather environments. We also offer phones that are weatherproof and do not require any phone enclosure, these one-piece weatherproof phones come factory built to stand up to the elements. Weather resistant telephones are also extremely useful for outdoor locations and can provide phone usage to locations that are partially covered or not fully exposed. We also carry emergency weatherproof and weather resistant telephones in speakerphone models for locations that may experience high volume usage. Swimming pool phones and emergency pool phones are one of the most popular sub categories in our weatherproof phone department. Public pools, apartments and gym pools are all required to have a pool phone nearby in the event of an emergency. Laws may vary from state to state and to meet compliance we also carry ADA pool phones. We offer many different configurations for all swimming pool phone requirements and can put together a pool phone solution for most any budget. View Weatherproof Phones & Outdoor Phones Department

Vandal Resistant Phones & Heavy Duty Phones is a leading provider of vandal phones: vandal proof phones and vandal resistant phones. Some applications may include phones in public spaces, replacement payphones, jail phones and visitation telephones to stand up to heavy usage or tough environments. We offer vandal resistant wall phones and vandal proof wall phones as well as tabletop or vandal resistant desk phones. The vandal-resistant telephones are used in areas where durability is essential but may not experience unsupervised use. Although no object is 100% vandal proof, a phone marketed as a vandal proof phone provides and extra level of durability. Most of our heavy duty handset-based telephones come equipped with pay-phone style armored cords. For hands-free vandal phones or vandal proof speakerphones we carry surface mounted or flush mounted panel phones available in stainless steel. Look to FiveStar for all of your heavy duty, vandal proof phone and vandal resistant phone needs. View Vandal Resistant Phones & Heavy Duty Phones Department

Chrome Phones

Chrome phones: A new addition to so unique, we had to dedicate an entire category to this product line by Asimitel. These classic chrome phones feature a true chrome finish and 100% reflectivity, just like a mirror. Other phones claim to be a chrome phone or to have a “chrome finish” but are really just matte or have a brushed look and cannot claim true chrome. Unlike the Crosley 302 & Crosley Kettle and Conair Metropolis phone the Asimitel chrome phones even feature a chromed coil cord (for models with a coil cord). Choose between chrome desk phones or chrome wall phones and three versions: chrome phones with a traditional keypad, chrome auto-dial phones and chrome no-dial phones. Suitable for personal use or business applications there’s nothing like these true chrome phones. These beautiful chrome telephones are a shiny sensation that will add luxury no matter what the application is. View Chrome Phone Department

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